Multi-Color Effect

Download this image from UnSplash

Multi-Color image effect using Advanced Blending / Channels:

  1. Open Image
  2. Drag out the Canvas Size using the Crop Tool set to Non-Destructive (do not delete pixels) to give more space to the Left and Right
  3. Copy Layer > Move Tool, move to the Left
  4. Double-Click layer to access Layer Style window
  5. Under "Advanced Blending" > Click only the Blue channel box (this should give you a combination of Blue and Yellow
  6. Copy the top Layer > Move Tool, move to the Right
  7. Double-Click again for the Layer Style window
  8. Click only the Red and Blue channels (This should give Magenta and Green combos)
  9. On the Top Layer > Change the Blend Mode settings to Luminosity
  10. Crop the image back to remove unwanted edges (use a Destructive Crop option)
  11. If there are still edges you wish to hide: