Complex Selection / Refine Edge (Select & Mask interface)

File to download:

Hair Selection:

  1. Open through Bridge
    Optional: Tonal Setting Adjustments (in Camera RAW)
  2. Importing into Photoshop (Choose Raster)
  3. In Photoshop
    Layer should be Rasterized (if not already)
    Quick Select > Select Subject
    Add to selection as needed
  4. Select & Mask
    Refine Edge Brush (toolbox on the left)
    Brush - Size larger, only paint along areas where the grey background can be seen
  5. *OPTIONAL: Decontaminate Colors - 100%
    (this is tricky, because you have to output as New Layer and not Mask)
  6. Output As: New layer with layer mask (unless you decontaminate colors)
  7. Place a Solid Fill Color (any color) behind the new selected layer
    When satisfied with results, right-click on layer mask, apply layer mask
    If not satisfied, you can try touching up the MASK by option/clicking on it. This will isolate the mask. You can then paint on it or increase contrast with a destructive Levels ⌘ L


Portrait Photo: © Visconti