The following tutorials are for the 2nd half of the semester. These will total 25 points.

Link to the template file (if you need to start from scratch)


4/2: Lesson15-Fluid Grid,
Responsive Layout (online Lesson) [youtube video tutorial]

4/7: Images. Background, Transparent Logos, Favicon.ico
Responsive Images (online Lesson) [youtube video tutorial]

4/9: Advanced CSS3 for Divs (online Lesson)

4/21- Create an image gallery using Lightbox2 (2.7.1)

4/23 - WebFonts revisited
Working with API's and Embed Code (Flickr / Google Maps / YouTube)

4/28 - Experiment with more image gallery options (make sure they are "responsive" and compatible for touch-screens) (online Lesson)